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Listen for the Silence


Meditate Daily for 18 Days Sit. Listen. Observe. Where can we look for peace and quiet? When we sit to meditate, we’ll notice noise and distractions coming from the outside. Even at 5am before the sunrise, I hear cars and trucks driving by. We hope to get away from our daily life to find that quiet place but it’s seldom found. Even going to the ocean for a mind cleansing day, you might be surrounded by other’s conversations. Then there is the internal noise. The mind jumping from one thought to another. The distractions of our ego, the to-do lists, the fears and overwhelm that we all experience. But something happens when we sit still, close our eyes, breathe and just be in the moment. Join me on a meditation practice for 18 days straight. I’ll share recordings with you so you can carve out time in your day to sit and listen. We’ll do breathing exercises, body scans, energy awareness and intention setting. Find yourself experiencing silence within. Even with all the noise and distractions, you’ll feed your focus on your internal silence. Silence is gold and being present with yourself is amazing.

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