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Letting It Go

Letting go is so much more than just removing an obstacle from your life. Sometimes we don’t have any control over a situation. The past few weeks, I’ve been struggling with letting go of negative emotions that have been building up. I tend to grip firmly in my life. I like having answers and feeling secure. When I’m in a situation that causes discomfort, I want it fixed as soon as possible. I can get intense. When there isn’t a clear answer, the energy around that situation gets thicker and I become paralyzed within my emotions.

When we hold on to our emotional energy, we give it power. We are feeding it our time and resources. I don’t want to cry. I don’t want to feel sad. I prefer to not go there but I do and at times, I feel stuck in the tornado of feelings that I’m experiencing.

Energy is everywhere and in everything. Your body, your thoughts, the food you eat, the music you listen to. Everything has energy. Our emotions are energy so whatever is causing us pain, when we become fixated on our emotions, we feed them. We make those emotions stronger.

Look at your hand and make a fist. A tight fist. Feel your fingertips pressing into your palm. Feel all that energy in your hand, moving up your forearm and perhaps into your shoulder. Imagine clenching your fist for hours and hours at a time. Your mind will be so focused on that energy that you will exhaust yourself.

The question we need to ask is why are we holding on to that energy? It’s the grip to the energy that makes us feel down, heavy and lost. If everything is energy then why are we holding on to emotions that bring us down? If the only thing constant in life is change, are we allowing change to happen or are we using so much energy to keep ourselves in one place? Do we hold on to the emotions so tight that we don’t allow them to freely move on?

Maybe that’s what people mean by letting it go. Maybe releasing the energy is a way for us to let go of the emotional pain or discomfort. Maybe the key to letting go is to release the energy around the situation.

Life is hard. We don’t have much control and while we all want to live in peace and joy, it doesn’t always work out that way and it’s understandable. We are human. We have egos, desires, cravings and fears. We all have our habits in life that we’ve developed from childhood. We have triggers. We have sensitive spots within that we try so hard to protect.

The next time you feel like your emotions have a grip on you, let’s have a plan. Can we recognize when we build up the emotional tension and instead of feeding it with our time and attention, can we learn to release it a little? Even if it’s just one finger from the clenched fist? If we learn how to release the emotional energy that is attached to the struggle, could that help?

Imagine softening through the discomfort and walking away from the emotion. Give it time to pass. Let’s practice letting go of the ENERGY that surrounds the situation because sometimes we can’t change the situation. A clear answer isn’t always available because maybe it’s not about fixing anything. But what if WHEN we release the emotional pain, we’ll actually find freedom?

We can walk away. Give ourselves space. Take a breath and know that we’ll be okay. We will always be okay even when it feels like everything is not okay. We can enjoy the ride of life and be present to navigate our path with ease, acceptance and love. We can let go of the negative and painful energy.

Your yoga practice gives you more than toned muscles and an awareness to your mind. It gives you the space to explore your life, emotions, heart and soul. That space creates your freedom from the pain. Releasing one finger from the clenched fist at a time.

Inch by inch, life is a cinch. Yard by yard, life is too hard.


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