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The Dance of Resistance

We all do it. We resist. Not everything that we resist is a bad idea. There are things in life that we should resist and there are things in life that we resist for reasons we need to explore. It depends on what we are resisting. Once we become clear on the what then we can look at the why.

I’ve been resisting making yoga videos for Soul & Steady Yoga Parlour and I had to sit myself down and ask why. My resistance is coming from not knowing how to make it come to life so I’m hiding behind the fear of failure. That’s the truth. I’m creating a huge project in my head and mentally, the pressure feels intense. Instead of following my own advice and taking one step forward at a time, I become frozen with not knowing how to start. The idea makes me want to retreat into myself and say no, no, no. I can’t do it.

The cool thing about self-reflection and looking into the why is that this process leads to us towards the freedom that we need from our stress so we can move forward. We need to understand ourselves. Are we resisting because it's not right for us? Or because we are afraid?

I’m sharing my journey with you because I believe that once we talk about it, we start the process of digging in. The more I talk about it, the more I can hear my inner voice guide me. If I can see my resistance as a dance then I move with it, I can feel it, I can find it within.

Then, only when I understand why I’m resisting, can I take that one step forward. Imagine if I took this project one piece at a time. Instead of looking it as a whole big monster of an idea, I break it up into digestible parts that I can emotionally manage. I know I have to decide on the look and feel of the videos, the purpose of them and more. I realize that I have to come up with a game plan. So the resistance is slowly becoming less and less because I'm understanding more and more of what I need to do.

I can hear my heart and intuition. I can feel that my heart won’t let me give up. Now I don’t want to push myself to do something that doesn’t feel authentic but the dance of resistance keeps me on my toes. Am I resisting because I’m afraid? Or am I resisting because it’s not the right idea for me?

Only I can answer this.

I don’t want to freeze in fear. I know I can do this. Inch by inch, life is a cinch. Yard by yard, life is too hard. I will follow my own advice.

We can help one another by sharing our personal stories and conflicts. I want to show you my process and the work that I have to put in. I think being open and transparent is powerful. So..

What are you resisting and why?


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