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Unlimit Yourself

I know unlimit is not a word but still, you know what it means. I heard the Leo King, an astrologer that I learn from daily, use this term when describing the latest new moon in Aquarius. I connect with this message.

I’ve been obsessed with vibrations and frequencies lately. My yoga studies teach me that the universe is constantly expanding and so are we. The idea of unlimiting holds a power that we are currently limited. Lacking. Holding in place. The universe is unlimited. Our potential is unlimited. So are we limiting our abilities? If this feels triggering, then stay with me.

There are many reasons why we might hold ourselves back. Before Covid, I met a healer in Austria. I’m sure I’ve mentioned him before but his name is Sascha Bauer. He is a high performance coach and the work we’ve done together has helped me tremendously on my path. Why? Because he finds the places that I struggle to see. He pushes me to think outside of my box. To unlimit myself. That there is nothing holding me back except for me and that can be a triggering thought.

I invite us to take a few steps back. Contemplate on your current phase and energy that you feel day in and day out. Take an honest look on what you are feeding. Who you are hanging around? What brings you joy? What brings you down? Use your creative mind and tune in to a frequency that you wish to travel in. Are you craving excitement? Happiness? Rest? Joy? Are you ready to share more with the world? What do you think is holding you back and making you feel limited?

Here at Soul & Steady, we take steps. Inch by inch. The steps you take on your path leads your way home. What do you want your home to feel like? Your home, your soul is a place where you can remove all the masks, the energies from the outside, the pressures from being like everyone else. Breath by breath.

There are no rights or wrongs on your path, potential, frequency, vibration. But it takes courage and honesty to keep you going. To tune your life to the sound that makes you feel alive.

Unlimit yourself. Don’t allow other’s limiting beliefs, ideas and ways of life stop you from expanding. Do your best. Show up. Practice. Be grateful that you get to reintroduce yourself, over and over again. Be thankful that you are AWARE of the energy you want to have. The possibilities are endless.

Inch by inch.


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