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This is my motto for the past 23 years. 

I remind myself to take one step at a time, sometimes just one breath at a time.

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Kate Kuss is the creator and founder of Soul & Steady Yoga Parlour. An online yoga studio with daily yoga classes, online content, teacher trainings and a robust community of students from all over the world. Soul & Steady is a blend of power yoga, classical hatha, yin, meditation and philosophy. Inspired by her teachers Bryan Kest, Yogi Charu and Kay Kay Clivio. 


With over 1,700 hours of yoga teacher training, 700 hours of meditation training and teaching both students and teachers for over 13 years, Kate has realized how a dedicated practice leads to a healthier life. She believes that when we embrace and work with the challenges that life offers us, we have the opportunity to evolve. 


  • 200 hours with Kay Kay Clivio and Alanna Kaivalya-  December 2010

  • 100 hours mentor ship with Kay Kay Clivio – January 2011

  • 20 hours of Restorative with Mary Aranas – July 2011

  • 300 hours of Advanced Yoga Studies and Philosophy with Dr. John Campbell – December 2011

  • 50 hours of Hot Power Training with Loren Bassett and Tanya Boulton – January 2013

  • Heart of a Yogi Tour in India – September 2013

  • 100 hours of Meditation Training Level 1 with Yogi Charu – October 2013

  • 25 hours Yin Yoga Training with Ulrica Norberg – November 2013

  • 21 hours Forrest Yoga Continuing Education with Erica Mather – March 2014

  • 100 hour mentor ship with Yogi Charu – Winter/Spring 2014

  • Hands on Assists with Ulrica Norberg – June 2014

  • 100 hours of Meditation Training Level 2 with Yogi Charu – October 2014

  • 30 hours Yin Yoga Training with Corina Benner – February 2015

  • 30 hours Adjustment Intensive with David Regelin – February 2015

  • Yin Weekend Immersion with Paulie Zink – June 2015

  • 25 Yin Yoga Advanced Training with Ulrica Norberg – Summer 2015

  • 22 hours Yoga Nidra ISHTA Teacher Training with Mona Anand – September 2015

  • 40 hours Power Yoga + Meditation Teacher Training with Bryan Kest – November 2015

  • Prana Vidya Meditation Training with Yogi Charu – April 2016

  • 18 hours Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga Teacher Training with Jessica Bellofato – July 2017

  • 15 hours Yoga Nidra Level 1 with Dr. Nick Atlas – February 2018

  • 300 hours Advanced Lifestyle of a Yogi Hatha and Meditation Teacher Training with Yogi Charu – November 2018

  • 12 hours Giving Gold with Heather Lilleston  - September 2020

  • 20 hours Jyotish Level 1 with Margaret Mahan - January 2021

  • Currently: 70 hours Living Tantra with Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, PhD – Ongoing 2020

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E-RYT500 (1) copy.png


My teachers:

  • My parents are my first teachers. I honor their guidance, compassion and love that they continue to shower upon me.

  • Yogi Charu – Yogi Charu is pure light. He is a true guru and he is my meditation and spiritual guide. Check out his website for guided meditations and philosophy classes.

  • Bryan Kest – Bryan is awesome. He asks his students to do less, not more.  He is my asana teacher and every time I take his class, I feel like I am home.

  • Kay Kay Clivio – Kay Kay is full of soul and I am grateful for her guidance and insight. 

  • Paulie Zink - The Yin master who sees the unbound potential in every single person. He is so kind. 

  • Joshua Greene – Author of Gita Wisdom, Joshua Greene teaches me about the Bhagavad Gita. Check out his weekly podcasts at Gita Wisdom. 

Amazing people, places & shops:

  • The Well is a wellness retreat with a location in New York City. Come for a class, stay for lunch, book a spa service and more. 

  • Yoga Wake Up is an app that replaces your alarm clock with yoga and meditation, straight from bed. I have recordings of Yin and grounding meditations. 

  • Starr Therapy is an approachable therapy group that is modern, available and from the heart interested. I recorded meditation videos for their community. I highly recommend them. 

  • Haus of Hanz – Check out my best friend's beautifully curated shop for amazing and earth conscious products. Check out his site or visit his store in Brooklyn, NY. 

  • Pound Jewelry is special. Crystals, gems, and more. 

  • Divya Alter – Divya devotes her life to living in balance.  If you want to learn how to cook Indian/Ayurvedic food, check her out. She also has a great restaurant, Divya’s Kitchen, in the East Village of NYC. 

  • Michelle Goldstein – I met Michelle in Santa Monica and she restored my faith in power yoga. I couldn’t give up on Power Yoga after I took her class.


  • Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers 

  • The Rolling Stones 

  • Led Zeppelin

  • Allman Brothers Band

  • The Kills 

  • Johnny Cash 

  • J.J. Cale

  • Slim Harpo

  • The Doors 

  • Garth Stevenson

  • Cari Cari

  • Lynyrd Skynyrd

  • Creedence Clearwater Revival

  • Bob Marley 



YOGA Studios:

  • Atlanta - Tough Love Yoga. Snakes and skulls on the wall and a very welcoming community. 

  • Florida - The Yoga Haus. Marie is pure gold. I met her years ago at a Bryan Kest training and we bonded. She’s a true yogi. I haven’t been to her studio yet but I trust it’s amazing just like she is. 

  • New York - Pure Yoga. My home base is here. It’s a beautiful space with a solid community. Tangerine Yoga downtown Brooklyn cool where you can sweat, release and feel the love. 

  • Ohio - GoYoga in Columbus, OH. I’ve been traveling to this studio for the past few years to teach trainings and I just love them. A great team and community. Namaste Yoga, Cleveland Community! They love to laugh and be real!

  • Pennsylvania - Himalayan Institute is my spiritual home. I lead retreats and planting the seed to do trainings there. Swami Rama’s energy is felt! Native Yoga A go getter community and can do place. I love the energy. It’s real. 

  • Vienna, Austria - Yogakula is an established warm yoga studio in the heart of Vienna’s most famous district. I love meeting new people when I teach there. 

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