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  • Who can practice yoga?
    Anyone can practice yoga! The most important factor is to listen to your body and breath. The key to yoga is to breathe deep and easy. Don’t push it. If you have health concerns, please contact your doctor before doing any physical exercise.
  • What if I’m a beginner?
    Great! You are doing something brand new so the moves, poses, language will be new to you. No stress. Do what you can and the more you practice, the more your body will remember the shapes.
  • How do I know if I am going too far in a pose?
    Stay alert in the poses and if you experience pain, back off. Yoga should feel good and you want to come back to your practice everyday. If you push yourself too hard today, you won’t want to practice tomorrow. Take it easy. You’ll thank yourself.
  • How often should I practice yoga and meditation?
    Self care should be practiced everyday. It doesn’t have to be a sweaty yoga routine, it could just be a 5 minute meditation. My teacher Yogi Charu calls meditation mental hygiene. Just like you wake up and brush you teeth, wash your face, you want to connect with your mind and heart as well. Think of it like cleaning your brain.
  • What if I can’t concentrate during meditation?
    That’s normal. Meditation helps us focus so it’s a practice. Every day is a new day and you’ll have a new experience with the meditations. Just enjoy.
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