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Rewind to A Live Class

Practice at Your Time

$10 / 3 DAY RENTAL

I teach in a unique way. It's rooted in the present and filled with a message. Powerful from the inside out. I care about the  body, energy, mind, heart and soul. 


I invite you to practice a class whenever you can. My hope is that when you need to be in your space, listen, feel and move, you can. 


Totally unedited. Every day we change. Tune in to today’s energy and practice connecting with your body, breath, mind, intuition and soul. 

Each class will include a spotify playlist. Enjoy! 

Disclaimer: Consult your doctor and obtain any necessary approvals, including if you have chronic or recurring pain, are recovering from an injury, pregnant, postnatal, nursing or elderly, before taking this class. Class instructions are in no way intended as a substitute for medical advice.

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