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This practice saved me during a time in my life when I was working two careers, one in media and the other in yoga.  But on top of being busy and exhausted, I was trying to find my way and inner voice. I was searching for answers.  Yoga Nidra supported and allowed me to explore the deep layers of my true self. I am forever grateful to this practice.  

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This album was meant to be. It just so happens that my neighbor, Merle Chornuk,  is the owner of Atomic Sound recording studio in Red Hook, BK. It's one of the best recording studios in NYC and located right down the street from me.


I had an idea to create a recording of Yoga Nidra with background music using  528Hz frequency. This frequency is known as the miracle tone. The sound is meant to awaken the heart center. I wanted to incorporate love into my Yoga Nidra offering  so I worked with Steve Williams, a drummer, composer and producer  who understood where I was coming from as he also meditates. Steve was the drummer and musical director of The Digable Planets - a Jazz Hip Hop group that I loved back in high school!  


Steve along with Etienne Lyle,  composed the two tracks on the album, creating a dreamy background for our Yoga Nidra exploration.  I made the conscious decision to use this frequency after doing research and finding out that 528 Hz music has an especially strong stress-reducing effect, even following only five minutes of exposure.

Music heals. Yoga Nidra heals. We can heal.

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The album has two Yoga Nidra sessions, each with a uniquely composed musical track featuring 528 Hz also known as the Love Frequency. Join me at the ocean and outer space!


Once you've purchased the album, save the tracks to your computer and they are yours forever. Enjoy the Art of Conscious Relaxation! 

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Gary, NYC

Kate’s meditation class has been a life changing experience for me. It has helped me achieve a peace that surpasses all understanding.

Kristine, Austin/NYC

Kate gently introduced yoga nidra to this cynical  meditation drop out many years ago. Her passion for this practice, balanced with a simple, peaceful and practical style, helped me quickly develop my own love it - I wish I had the opportunity to practice with Kate more.

Alyssa, BK

Kate will guide you through this practice with grace, intelligence, personality and care. Yoga Nidra goes deep, but with her boundless wisdom, immense ability to support and hold space, and endless openness to be raw, real and honest, you will learn how to practice yoga nidra in a thorough and digestible way. 

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