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Create a Sankalpa

When you take my yoga class, we always set an intention. In the yoga culture, we use the practice of setting a Sankalpa to steer our life in the direction that we wish to travel.

What is a Sankalpa? It’s a personal vow. It represents a desire that you have within your heart and soul. We have the free will to live the life we truly wish to live but as great as that sounds, many of us aren’t sure what we want or need in life. We stay at a job that doesn’t really fulfill us. We stay in a relationship because it’s familiar. We stay in the same place because we aren’t sure where we want to go and that’s ok. Timing is everything. But if you feel something deep within your heart and gut, if you want to make a change in your life and if you are willing to do the work, setting an intention will help you move forward towards your dream.

A sankalpa is like a seed. Imagine you plant the seed and care for it. Everyday you water the dirt. Keep it in the sun. Everyday, you check up on the seed. You know the seed will sprout when it’s time so you have patience. You don’t ignore the seed or else it won’t grow. You give it lots of attention and love. One day, that seed will sprout and you will witness growth. A huge smile will sweep across your face and you’ll want to take care of the plant even more now that you know it’s alive!

It’s important to remember this process when setting your own seed. Your desires and needs in life need time, patience and most importantly, lots of LOVE to grow. Think about what you need right now in your life. Maybe it’s more relaxation, trust, motivation, being healthy? Using the words “I am”, set an intention. Feel it in your bones. Feel the passion behind the words. I am happy, I am healthy, I am strong, I am successful. What do you need?

Your words have power. Think about when you tell someone “I love you”. When spoken and felt from the heart, these words have meaning and movement behind them. Set your sankapla and mentally repeat it throughout the day. Care for it. Nurture it. Believe in it. Love it.

One day, your sankalpa will happen. Not if, it will but it will depend on your faith. It will depend on the work you put in. The energy you create will help your sankalpa come to life. Be patient, have faith and stay in your practice!

Use the summer solstice to set a sankalpa. The sun loves to illuminate and the sun's energy creates growth. Mentally repeat your sankalpa in the morning, at night, when you meditate and practice yoga. Watch yourself grow, just like the seed, and you'll realize just how powerful your words, energy and intentions truly are.


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