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Full Moon in Scorpio Breakthrough

Updated: May 10, 2020

Tomorrow is the full moon in Scorpio. If you are feeling the moon’s energy, you are not alone. The full moon in Scorpio is asking you to be HONEST. Be real. Be with your past, present and recognize the future you wish to have.

The energy is emotional and if you carve out space to feel and contemplate, you may get a sense of what you need to work through so you can not only understand yourself but prepare yourself for tomorrow. Find yourself and understand yourself with this beautiful powerful full moon.

Tomorrow’s Soul & Steady class will focus around the energies of the full moon. Questions that will asked include:

What emotions do we avoid or bury?

What is our relationship with fear?

How has fear ruled our life so far?

What patterns do we wish to release?

Hope to see you tomorrow. Let’s honor the moon and learn from her beautiful energy.


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