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Prioritize the Pause

We are a culture of loving the hustle. At least I can say this about New Yorkers and maybe Americans in general. The busier you are, the more successful you are perceived. There is a scene from Seinfeld where George has nothing to do at his job but everyone thinks he is so busy because he looks annoyed all the time.

I’m not going to deny my love for the game. I love being in a creative flow and working on projects that require my mind, energy and time. There are days where I move from one place to the next and I love it. When I lay my head down at night, I am ready for bed. I gave the day my energy and it’s satisfying.

What happens when we are in this energy day after day, week after week? There is so much that the body can take until it slams on the brakes. The excitement for the hustle changes to being annoyed and anxious.

On both sides of the spectrum, we are in these modes of energy that either light us on fire or dig us in the ground. Too much fire can be deadly. Too much grounding can be draining. It’s helpful to find the balance in the energies to keep us steady. I don’t want to be derailed from my projects because I’m depleted. And feeling uninspired is exhausting.

I’m not saying anything new but I will remind us that in order to find balance in our unique life, we have to be honest with what we can handle right now. When I was in Vienna, I was busy. I was moving from one appointment to the next. Yet, I took my time with it all. I wanted to stay present. I didn’t want my mind to take me to the next appointment, I wanted to be in the moment.

It was a lesson to prioritize the pause.

I was still moving fast, zooming around, but I wanted to experience the moment. This was my version of finding balance in my busy days. Even when I had to grab a sandwich and only had a few minutes to eat, I sat down. I took my time. I didn’t look at my phone or think about the next appointment.

My intention with this article isn’t to downgrade the hustle. You need energy to make things happen. To come to life. If you are a creator, you are using energy, light, imagination and heart to bring something into the world.

I do want us to prioritize the pause.

Being stressed out all the time isn’t healthy. Feeling anxious and frozen doesn’t nurture the body. If you find that your body and mind are resisting, rejecting, hurting, listen.

What can do to bring yourself back to balance? Listen within and follow through. If you are receiving messages from your heart and soul, follow the advice.

Prioritize finding balance within your body and mind that way you can enjoy the hustle.



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