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Appreciate Yourself


There is a yoga posture that we practice named humble warrior- Baddha Virabhadrasana. What does it mean to be humble? How do we feel when we are bowing to the energies? When we lower our guard? Release our walls? To strip down the layers, masks, clothes, image, perceptions. Drop your head on the way you think you should be and appreciate the amazing human that you currently are. To be humble is to appreciate the life that we have. Why is it important to appreciate yourself? Because if we don’t learn how to do it for ourselves, we will constantly be looking to the outside, out of our control, to provide us with positive praise and love. Let’s explore our love and appreciation together. Let's build an appreciation for our journey. What's included: - Paced and engaged so 7 days straight of content delivered to your inbox and on the website. All pre-recorded so you can practice whenever. Keep in mind, we have 7 days to complete this challenge! - A mixture between meditations, journal prompts and power flow (shorter) videos so we can embody appreciation.

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