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Planting Seeds

The only thing constant in life is change. We are always changing and whatever is going on in our life is temporary. The wind is blowing hard today but it might not tomorrowl. Daylight savings occurred this weekend and the sun is out later than last weekend. Everything is temporary. One moment you are happy and content and the next minute you are questioning if you should make a drastic change in your life. Everything is temporary. Sunday was the new moon so the sky was dark, today there is a sliver of the moon visible in the night sky. 

One of the biggest gains I’ve experienced in my yoga studies throughout the years is the practice of being present. Being present to me means slowing down the thinking mind to a pace where I can steer the direction. The mind tends to be ruled by the senses. What we see, smell, touch, taste and hear. The ego is also part of the mind and by definition, the ego is the “I maker”. It wants to describe who we are and protects that image as much as possible. Being present is being able to witness what the mind is doing. 

The more present we are, we have the opportunity to use our mind as the powerful tool and instrument that it is. If you have a goal in mind, then you know it will take time, patience and consistency to get to where you want to be. Having an idea of what’s important to you is one step in the process. As much as I strive to be present everyday, I also know that the energy and work I put in today will create the life I live tomorrow. So the more I can plant the seeds of where I’d like to go, what I desire, how I want to live, then everyday I can make the choices that align with my future vision. 

Everything is temporary and the only thing constant in life is change. You can change. You will have to get the mind on board and make the shifts, step by step. 

Spring time is almost here. The tulips are already popping up around my neighborhood which bring me so much joy to see the colors sprouting from the ground. Imagine planting your seeds of what you want to see happen in your life. Be fearless and don’t allow your ego or perceived limitations to hold you down. Maybe you just want to feel more joy in your life. Plant joy. Then everyday, you make the choice to water the moments that bring you joy. Everyday when you experience joy, you are present and can enjoy the experience.  

Our mind is a powerful instrument. But you need to tune it just like a guitar. We have to sweep away the mind chatter, dust and desires from the senses. Our mind loves to be attracted to things and resists anything that causes pain. Practice being present, listening to what the mind is saying and then steer your mind like you would a car. Know where you want to go and follow the path. 

When you plant a seed, you don’t expect it to sprout right away. Those tulips were planted in the fall. It took months for them to go through their process. Plant your seeds for the rest of this year. Think about what you want to grow in your life. Walk your talk and let life blossom. 


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