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Self Love

The other day in class, the theme was about self love. I was inspired by the new moon in Cancer's energy. Cancer is nurturing, compassionate, caring. I was aware that this new moon would make us feel lots of emotions. Sometimes when we feel a lot, it's overwhelming and we might not be available to help ourselves through the process.

I wanted to create a space for us to nurture our own heart. At first, when I asked the class to repeat our intention "I love myself", it felt strange. I love myself didn't roll off my tongue. I actually felt embarrassed and shy to say it!

It was foreign but why? I take care of myself as best as I can. I feed myself positive movements, food, thoughts and energy. I show myself love by caring for my body, mind and soul. Yet I felt weird so I questioned why.

We spend the most time with ourselves. We listen to our thoughts, dreams, anxieties all day long. We can't separate from our body, energy, mind, heart and soul. Why shouldn't we love ourselves?

Is it because we have expectations on who we should be? Or because we are comparing ourselves to others? Even to strangers that we'll never meet? Maybe we just haven't been taught to say those powerful words to our own soul. Or are we waiting for someone else to come in and show us the love that we should be giving to ourselves every single day?

Receiving love feels so good. I cherish the love that I receive from the world but I also need to give myself that kind of love that brings me joy. I want the greatest love affair of my life to be with my own self. Not because I'm conceited or full of it but because I deserve it.

I deserve to be loved. Every single part of me.

Picture this. You are talking to a child who just did something to upset you. You look into their little eyes and tell them, I love you but what you did upset me because..... You make it a point to tell them over and over again how much you love them. That's it's okay, you'll always love them.

Love is natural and instinctual. Life gives us situations, people, animals, nature, the sun and moon for us to experience love. Love is the strongest energy out there. We can change the world with love.

Let's give ourselves the love that we deserve. Let's practice saying I LOVE MYSELF more often. Let's remind our body, mind and soul that we'll always love them. No matter what.


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