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Stop Hiding Your Dark Side

Full moons give us light. They illuminate the darkness and show us what is typically hidden. Energetically, we can use this time to peek behind the curtain, explore what we normally don’t want to see, to feel what we are trying so hard to bury and hide. It takes guts to walk in the dark. But what we perceive to be a danger could just be a broken tree branch. What we think is negative could actually be positive.

Can we use the energy of this full moon in Virgo to show what we cannot clearly see? Take a breath, sit back and let’s go on a ride together. Every person alive has thoughts that make them uncomfortable. We’ve all done something that we perceive as a mistake. We all have feelings that we are holding back, afraid of the darkness of those feelings so we don’t acknowledge them.

What if we took a different approach? What if we sat down with the negative feelings and see them as part of our path? What if any “mistakes” we’ve made were meant to help us grow?

We have a fight within. We haven’t connected yet with the parts of ourselves that are holding us back. What’s the inner story that is keeping you chained to the belief that you aren’t ready, good enough, beautiful as you are? There are universal fears that we all experience. Thoughts that we are ugly, unloveable, stupid are dragging fears that are too common. If these nagging fears are so common and can be found in everyone, then why are we still entertaining them especially if they are hurting us?

We are going to make mistakes. That’s the learning process of life. We are not going to feel confident all the time. Instead of dragging through a process of self-punishment, let’s open our arms and hearts and be grateful for the learning process. Scream to the world that we are not afraid of falling on our asses. We are okay to not be the smartest person in the room or have all the answers.

What if we start, person by person, to starve these common, hurting fears? Perhaps we can help the future generations become free from these fears?

Let’s release our mistakes and have no fear to make new ones. What if my mistakes actually help me become a better person? What if my mistakes soften my acceptance to other people? We have lots of compassion, acceptance, excitement to share and no way will we allow the FEAR of messing up hold us back.

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Stop hiding your insecurities. Be proud of the person you are. The heart you have. The love you give. We actually are ready to live the best life we can imagine.

Use this energy of the full moon to get to know your dark side and then shine the moon’s light so you can see that all of you is actually already perfect.


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