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One of my hardest truths is that I pay lots of attention to the details. Too much attention. To the point where it takes a while for me to push forward an idea because I get stuck. Maybe it’s because I want it to be perfect or I’m afraid that what I create will fall short. Perhaps it’s my ego or just being human.

Take the YouTube videos as an example. I recorded the videos earlier this year and had them ready to publish but I felt that the sound wasn’t great. I didn’t look good enough. I was worried about the graphics. What if my style and message for Soul & Steady gets lost? So instead of going live, I took a pause. I put the project on a back burner and while I didn’t forget about it, I wasn’t breathing any life into it. Instead of allowing myself to grow with the experience, I hindered my process with doubt.

Are we afraid to start something new because we don’t know what we are doing? And can we go deeper into that for a moment. Are we worried about being judged? Do we stop ourselves from trying new things because we are more concerned with how everything looks then how it can actually turn out? When did we start caring so much about what other people think of us and stop sharing what lights our fire?

There are parts of our life that will push us forward regardless if we want to or not. A change in a relationship, job, moving to a new place, adding to your family are all changes that we go through and navigate, step by step. We don’t always know what we are doing and yet it doesn’t stop us from creating newness and abundance in our life. We have no choice.

Can we start to look at our life as a moving expression of our soul instead of a one time shot or event?

Life is a process. Looking back at the first days of Soul & Steady, I’ve definitely grown in my business. I’m more in tune with myself, students and message. Looking back at how I handled my dog, Jagger, when he was a puppy makes me appreciate and love our relationship now. We’ve grown together.

There comes a point when we can’t talk about our dreams anymore. We have to walk, feed, live our dreams. We can’t create a vision board and wait for it happen. We have to start laying down the stones to build the road.

I think that’s the hard part. Because the dream is sexy. The work is dirty and messy. The vision board is pretty. The process is overwhelming and unorganized.

I invite you to take a good look at what you’ve been holding off on doing in your life. Ask yourself what are you waiting for and then make a decision. You don’t have to prove yourself to anyone except to yourself. There is abundance and growth waiting for each of us but it requires discipline, focus and perseverance.

Imagine deep within your heart there is a map to your soul. Many obstacles along the way but ask yourself, will you take the journey anyway?


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