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When a hermit crab outgrows their shell, they instinctually know that it’s time to move out and find a new home. They try different shells and in the process of looking for their new home, they are exposed. No shell to protect them. They are vulnerable to the elements and predators and yet it’s their nature to move out of their cramped space in order to grow.

This story makes me think about my home. Remember, when we talk about “home” it’s not just about your address. It’s your body. Your mind. Your intuition and soul. When was the last time you contemplated on your growth? Or are we living like we did a year ago, two years, three years ago?! If you are happy, then awesome. If you crave space, then let's create it.

We’ve all heard that when we grow, we get uncomfortable, vulnerable and unsure. We feel like a fish out of water. We rationalize, strategize and analyze. We complain, throw tantrums but we realize that in order to grow, we have to walk to the other side. We have to push through. We just have to put one foot in front of the other. We keep going, inch by inch. Cancer season is about being vulnerable. Getting out of your shell and finding your new home.

A few questions that keep coming up for me that I am trying to honestly answer. What energy do I want in my home? How do I feel currently in my home? Am I comfortable in my physical home, in my body? Am I listening to my mental home? Am I available for my intuition? Am I caring for my spiritual home?

There is a story about a fisherman who was sitting at the end of a pier catching crabs. He had a whole bucket full of crabs. Someone who passed by made a comment to the elder and said, “Shouldn’t you cover the bucket so that the crabs won’t get away?”. The fisherman replied, “I don’t have to worry. As soon as a crab is close enough to escape, all the other crabs below will pull him back down.”

What if our choices and what we invite in are not helping us, instead keeping us down? Do we really understand the energy that we invite into our “home”? Take some time over the next couple of days and think about what you are allowing in your physical four walls, your body, your mind, your heart and soul. Is that energy helping you or dragging you down?

Make the choices you need to live the life that you want to live. And inch by inch, create your beautiful home.


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