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Walking Towards the Light

Updated: Apr 15

Your life should look different than someone else’s. You are here with a unique treasure map that is buried deep within your consciousness. It is your duty to find that treasure and then give it back to humanity so others can shine like diamonds.

No one has to tell you how hard it is to keep going, to believe in yourself, to tame the wild mind when its afraid of its own shadow. We know this, we live this and yet, if we deem something important, we keep going.

Don’t punish yourself if you need to let something go. It might not be yours to have. But once you let it go, you no longer nurture it, then you cannot complain. You can’t punish yourself. You have to let it go. Life is temporary and so are some of our desires.

When it’s important to your soul, you will walk the deserts, swim the oceans, endure pain, uncertainty, uncomfortableness to keep going. Even when the destination isn’t clear, you trust in the path, in the process.

It’s the desires that stick to you like glue, that have a hold onto your soul, the ones where you cannot imagine living without, that you keep going. But don’t punish yourself if something, someone, someplace needs to be released. Everything is constantly changing.

If someone handed you your dream life, would you know how to talk, walk, be, hold yourself in the space? Would you know how to keep it going? Would you trust yourself that you’ve earned it? How else can we understand the depth of love in the destination if we don’t walk the path? If we don’t endure the storms? We are faced with challenges and challenges are raw materials needed for your evolution.

The process is the dream. The decisions you make every day to follow your vision, the work you put in to make it happen, the tears that flow when the emotions, good or bad, become extreme. The process is the dream.

You make choices every single day to honor the dream, your path. And every time you walk towards the light, you get stronger, clearer and people are placed along the path to help you grow and continue on your journey.

We are spiritual beings living in a materialistic world. Don’t doubt the divine. We are connected and when we keep our hearts open to the process, when we keep going deep within, keep exploring, keep doing our job whatever that is, we feed the energies that we BELIEVE in our path and WHO WE TRULY ARE.

Don’t give up on your treasure map. It’s there. Keep digging, keep exploring, keep going deep and find your light.

Even in the darkness there will be some light. Walk in the direction of your light and you’ll find your way.


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