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Be Present & Fluid

Being present is a gift. I think kids are better at it then us adults. As I watch my niece absorb what's around her, she doesn't say much in the moment and I wonder if she understands or is even interested. But she takes it in and later that day or maybe even a few days later, she begins to question what she experienced. She's open and wants to know and feel more.

Being fluid in the moment is a blessing. Imagine waking up and following your intuition, your gut. From how you want to move, when you want to drink your coffee, what you want to eat. I know we have our routines, rituals and calendar restrictions which can dictate our next move. But if the only thing constant in life is change, then practicing being fluid, being in the moment, being available to what's happening in the NOW, will give us power and strength that we are alright. We'll be alright. We are listening, we are available, we are receptive.

When we stop being fluid and present, there is an easier chance for our uncertainty, our insecurities and fear to show up. The mind wants us to feel safe. It's normal. But that comfort zone, that safety net might be outdated. We've been holding on to it so tightly that we forget that we've grown. We don't have to hold on to the doubts that make us feel frozen with fear. We've experienced so much that has helped us evolve and change. We no longer fit in the box that we've carefully put together even if that "box" is really holding us back.

The ego and society creates the box. Our fears create the box. Uncertainty holds us in the box. Some of us subscribe to it, some of us are trying to shed it. How do we know when it's time to create changes in our life? How do we know when we need to step outside of our curated box?

We stay present and fluid.

There is a book I read a few years ago when I was going through a big career change. It's an easy read but full of important reminders. Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson. The story is about 4 characters navigating change. Some of them took it swiftly. Others not so much as they were holding on to what was. I just reread the book last week as we all need the reminder to be present and TRUST that we'll be alright. Rally inside for yourself and feel that you'll be alright.

The movement of energy can be FAST or SLOW. It can change in a moment. It can take years to shift. But as we live through the energy, wouldn't it be nice to say that we experienced our life, every breath, every moment, that our life is filled with love, growth, expansion and courage?

Being present and fluid is honoring our inner knowing, our soul's guidance, our heart's beat and our precious life.


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