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It's All in The Shift

When we feel really good inside, we see things in that energy, in a light of positive, loving, kindness, goodness. When we feel fearful, doubtful and just scared, we see things in that energy, in a light of uncertainty, gloom, dare I say terror. It is human and normal to shift moods. Our emotional response to our surroundings is real and can be triggered by just about anything.

What if your emotions are creating your response? So if you are feeling fearful that day and you have to have a difficult conversation with someone, most likely you will bring that fearful energy into the conversation. But if you are feeling happy and joyful, you would share some of that energy with the person EVEN though the conversation isn't easy.

If the only thing constant in life is change, then our emotions are constantly changing. The tricky part for me, personally, is to not let my emotions get the best of me. The best version of myself is full of love and being available for others. But when I feel scared or fearful, I might not share so much love with others because I'm feeling like I have to "survive".

I have to protect my heart!

What I forget in that moment of fear is that I'm always full of love and my heart will protect ME. My heart will protect my mind but my mind is a controlling (insert any word you feel appropriate here) freak. Last week, I mentioned that my mind took my heart hostage. I wasn't riding energy that was positive, instead I was filled with worry.

Life touches us all. Life changes. Life is not easy at times. What if we can recognize the energy that we are riding? Maybe that's step one. Just notice it. Ask yourself how do you WISH you would react?

The way we perceive our situation when based on a certain emotion might be our go to or way of doing things.

The more we can see how our emotions fluctuate and shift, perhaps we can take a pause. How would we handle a situation if we were in a different mood? I haven't met a person yet who wishes to be sad or scared so the next time you feel some heavy emotions, take a good pause, take a breath, and remind yourself that it's temporary.

Then remind yourself how cool your heart is. How cool is feels to ride that energy of gratitude, joy and love.

It's all in the shift.


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