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Puppet or Master?

Yoga is a powerful practice of awareness. When we practice, we come to our mats with our current life situation. If we are feeling good, sad, happy, annoyed, all of these emotions accompany us on the mat.

Yoga gives us space. Space away from our obligations. Space in our physical bodies with movements of strength and stretch. Space in our energetic bodies by using our breath. Space in our minds so we can release some of the endless chatter. Space to find our intuition and space to connect with our souls.

We need space to transform.

Last week, I wrote about letting go and how we can release the grip to the emotions that have a strong hold on us. This week, let’s focus on the emotions themselves and see how can we transform them. Using the energy around today’s new moon in Scorpio, can we look at our current emotions and see where we can transform the energy?

First we have to recognize the emotions that we are feeding. Life is full of distractions. We can be in our emotion and the phone rings, we have a meeting, we have to run errands. Just because we get distracted, the emotions don’t disappear. How many times have you had to put on a strong face? How many times do you need to wipe away the tears and push through? Do we give ourselves the time to actually process emotions? Or have we become so used to pushing them to the side? Burying them deep?

If we keep pushing our emotions aside at some point, we have to clean out the closet. We have to make room in our mind and heart for life to do its magic.

We are the creators of our reality. We can take sadness and shift it. We can take happiness and shift it. In a blink of the eye, we can shift our emotions. We can hold on to the emotions like they are made of cement and create a foundation. Or we can release the grip of the emotion as if we were releasing just the pinky finger from the clenched fist.

I know it’s not easy but we can. Spend time over the next few days to witness the emotions that you have and how you can transform them. If we want to create a change, break a pattern, we have to become aware first and foremost. Then from our awareness, imagine we use our emotional energy in a different way. Scorpio’s energy is about being the alchemist, the transformer. How can we transform the emotions into something that creates growth?

We can’t expect to be immune to the many emotions that life has to offer. From happiness, sadness, loneliness, anxiety and grief, we all feel them at some point in our lives. If we feel heavy by the emotion, can we learn how to use the emotion differently? Can we use anger and create motivation? Can we change sadness into creativity? Can we use loneliness as a reason to reach out to help others?

Life will keep moving, my friends. The only thing constant in life is change so it’s powerful to know that even through the storms, everything will shift. Looking back, we’ll say, everything is going to be okay. Let’s learn how to transform our energy so we aren’t puppets on a string with our emotions playing the role as master. Instead, let’s be the master. When the highest of pressure is placed on us, our most heightened intuition comes out! Be present and ride the cycles. Endings lead to beginnings and beginnings to endings. Have the courage to take the best ride of your life.

Don’t be afraid of the emotions. Learn how to use them.


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