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This is Not Ok

George Floyd, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry that you had to suffer a painful death. You didn’t deserve this. It’s disgusting that another human being who is supposed to protect and serve his community did this to you. It is a disgrace to humanity that a person would hold George Floyd down and literally murder him. It’s a disgrace that his co-workers, fellow cops, didn’t stop it. It’s actually terrible that the other cops didn’t push him off of George Floyd. What the fuck is wrong with people?

This is not ok.

I am not even going to write the cop’s name who murdered him because I don’t want to know his name. He killed George Floyd who wasn’t resisting, who laid on the ground begging for his breath. I don’t know all the details but for anyone to press their knee into a living being’s throat and hold them down isn’t fit to serve a community. How could the other cops let this happen? It’s terrible.

This is not ok.

Why is this happening over and over and over again? It doesn’t stop. Why? Too many people of color are being killed just for the shade of their skin. What happened to a person for them to get so disconnected from their soul? Where is the humanity? Why are these fucking people beating down black and brown skinned humans? What is wrong with people?

This is not ok.

Where is the break in the chain? Find it. Someone find it. It happened a really long time ago, I know but please find it. It’s heartbreaking that a colored person is scared to live life freely, as white people do. This is 2020. It’s infuriating that a cop murdered George Floyd in such a painful, terrible way.

This is not ok.

Dear God. We need your help. Please send down the angels, the light workers, the healers, please. This world is broken in so many ways and until people can honor the light in everyone, we’ll never see the light in ourselves.

This is not ok.


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