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What's Your Motto?

I believe that we all have great, beautiful, expressive ideas that just want to come to life. Whether you are lawyer who is looking to change what’s always been done, a parent who is looking to teach a child something new, an artist who wants to shift perspective, we are here to share our energy.

We also need direction because there are many distractions, expectations, obligations, and life clutter that might get in the way. To live your life, in the way you wish to live, takes focus and discipline.

Do you have a go-to motto? Mine is “Inch by inch, life is a cinch. Yard by yard, life is too hard”. It’s been with me for over 20 years. It reminds me that life can be taken slow, easy and at my own pace. My pace is different than yours. My pace today is different than 10 years ago. It’s up to me to be real, honest and understanding with me.

You are unique and no one can tell you what to do. They’ll try but you might not be happy or satisfied. As much as I’d like for someone to tell me what to do so I can relax and let go, it doesn’t work. I fight their opinions because they don’t ALIGN with what I truly feel or believe.

It’s easy sometimes to fall into a group and go with their flow but when you feel the friction, it’s time to strengthen you. You have the answers, we all do. But life is hard and complicated.

It’s alright. Get back to your motto. Get back to you. There is nothing wrong with you. You don’t need to be fixed. I am not perfect yet that doesn’t stop me from moving forward and being the best that I can be. At this time, in this place and with the knowledge and experience that I currently have. I remind myself where I want to go and the energy I want to share. Inch by inch.

I have a thing about “fixing”. I don’t want to be fixed and I definitely don’t want to fix you. I don't believe that yoga is here to "fix" us. It's here to remind us that we are perfect. We are awesome. We are here for a reason. If we can accept that it is cool to be imperfect, then we don’t have to TRY so hard to change ourselves. When we let go of being perfect, we breathe easier in the person that we are. We trust. We believe. We have faith.

You might just need some heart time. Just by hearing the chirping of the birds, watching the wind blow the leaves on the trees, feeling the waves in the ocean, go back to simple. Pay close attention to what creates friction and causes you to feel imbalanced. Clean out your closet to make space for what brings you happiness and joy.

Life is short and long. Life is beautiful and ugly. Life is real and a dream. Find the balance of your life and LIVE. Create your motto and pave your path.


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