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A Gift From Yourself

In my 44 years, I've shifted into many versions. I remember being a horseback rider, a dancer, a basketball player, a wife, a media executive and so much more. When I look back at my younger years, there were dreams and ideas that I haven't explored in a while. Now, I am wondering what could I give to myself that would satisfy and make the younger version of me really proud and happy?

Ask yourself, "What is it that I needed back then? What energy was I hoping to receive but couldn't explain?".

If we look at our life as an expression of our desires, we can see that what we want, we lean into. What we don't want, we try to separate from. Maybe that's why relationships, friendships, jobs end because that version of who we were is no longer who we want to be.

Have we really expressed our desires from our younger phases? When I think about my life, of course there are so many memories to go through. I'm trying to pin point a few key moments when I felt the need for something within.

What is that I needed to feel heard, seen, validated?

Growing up as the oldest of four kids, I was distracted a lot. Looking back, did I express my needs? Did I even understand my needs? Or was I going with my family's flow? Did I follow my friends? Did I listen to my heart? Did I know HOW to listen to my heart?

As a growing spiritual seeker, I know how to listen in now. I want to gift myself what I needed back then. Whether it's confidence, acceptance, discipline or even something materialistic. I am ready to listen to the younger version of myself and incorporate that energy into my life today.

We can learn a lot from our past. What we do today shows up in our life tomorrow. What would you like to revisit from your past self? What did you need back then that you didn't understand or get?

Find your puzzle pieces and look at the bigger picture of your experience.


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