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All Aboard the Self Worth Train

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

Let’s take a ride.

Imagine traveling on a train through a scenic route that is dedicated to you. No one else is with you, no responsibilities and you have everything you need. Each stop along the way is an important part of your life. From family to career, to passions and hobbies, to dreams and traumas. The scenery will be experiences from your past. It won’t be an easy ride but you'll awaken the relationship with yourself. You will see how you view your past and what emotions you are still holding onto. Self worth is an important tool in life. You must keep it updated.

The first station and where you’ll board is the present moment. Notice what is in your bag? What’s in your pockets? What energy are you carrying? As you settle in and find a comfortable seat looking out the window, take a breath. You are going to use your creative and visual mind to guide you on this ride.

The train pulls out of the station and you can hear the train bell. The first stop is your career. It will take approximately 30 minutes to get there. Looking out the window, you’ll pass by the previous jobs, people, projects that you’ve done so far. Notice how much you’ve grown over the years and what you’ve been able to accomplish. Now with growth comes pain so any emotions, feelings, guilt and shame that are coming up, give yourself a moment. Realize that you’ve changed since those experiences and mentally apologize if necessary to anyone that you might have hurt. Apologize to yourself as well. When we are growing, we forget that it takes time. We also compare ourselves to others. Take a moment and reflect on your internal dialogue about your career, jobs, service to the world. Are you being fair to yourself? Are you appreciating your contributions?

The next stop is relationships and that will take us about an hour to get there. Can you remember the first time you held hands with someone? Go back to all your relationships that made your heart jump and look at them with an open mind. Some of the memories might make you cry. Relationships are like mirrors into our soul. They bring out everything and I hope you’ll notice that throughout the years, you’ve evolved with your relationships. They are necessary on the spiritual path because they bring us face to face with our ego, insecurities, drama and all the emotions. Look at the wonderful memories as the train rides along. You’ve brought lots of goodness to others so don’t forget that. How do you see yourself in these relationships? Notice what you brought to the table in each one. Even when a relationship doesn’t continue, it doesn’t mean it wasn’t important.

As the train continues on, our next stop is our desires, hobbies, passions and dreams. We’ll start from the first memories of growing up and look deeply at what you used to desire. What activities did you do as a kid? What sports did you play? After school activities? What intrigued you? What intimidated you? Who told you you weren’t good enough at something? Where did you hide your flaws and why? This ride is intense because it also includes our traumas and uncomfortable memories but don’t tune out. There is power in knowledge. The reason we are on this train is to get to know ourselves better. To understand how we are defining our worth and break patterns that no longer serve our path. What passions did you leave behind? Why? What can you pick them back up now?

It’s been over 3 hours and it’s time to take a break. Come back to the present. Our self worth is created by us. The past experiences as you’ve seen can imprint the way we see ourselves. Life is an experience and a journey. Learn from your past but today is a new day. All those emotions aren’t who you are. They were moments of energy in time.


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