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Leo's Mighty Roar

A full moon is a great time to release energy. Energy is everywhere and in everything. What we take in, we hold in. We store it in our minds, bodies and hearts. Energy is powerful and so are we.

Today’s full moon in Leo is giving us the space to explore our courage and the love we have for ourselves. Let’s find the joy within and remember the goodness of who we are and what we have to share.

To love ourselves requires acceptance and honesty. For some of us, it’s easy to love the good traits that we posses such as our compassion, forgiveness, and heart. We all possess qualities that make us proud but on the flip side, we also have traits that we wish we could just get rid of.

Imagine you are driving on a highway. Tom Petty is playing on the radio. You change lanes to keep traveling at your speed and you are fully enjoying your ride. Now imagine that each lane represents an emotion. You travel down the lane of love then you switch lanes and find yourself feeling rejection. You quickly change lanes again and feel compassion but in a few moments you are back in fear. You recognize the different feelings that come up in each lane but you aren’t sure how the emotional shifts are happening. Or why. Instead of watching the emotions come up, you try so hard to avoid them. You get aggravated and annoyed.

What if we can accept all of the energies and emotions? The good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly? What if instead of avoiding the negative ones such as fear, rejection, jealousy, anger, we acknowledge their presence? Maybe they are here to teach us a lesson?

Use the energy of this full moon to ask yourself some questions. We all don’t LOVE everything about ourselves. No, we don’t because we are human. But instead of labeling the parts of who we are that we don’t love as BAD, can we accept them? What if by accepting the fear of rejection, we realize it’s not so bad after all and it’s just a step that we need to take towards our own growth.

Listen to your internal dialogue. Are you a cheerleader for your dreams? Or are you the person poking holes at everything? Are you supporting yourself or are you trying to convince yourself that you aren’t good enough? Are you communicating from your heart? Or from your ego? The ego within us is a judger. It wants to keep up with everyone and everything. But imagine if you didn’t care about the ego, imagine what you could do! What would you create? What would you share? Where would you go? How would you live? Let’s use this full moon’s energy to find the courage within, like the mighty Leo lion, to love ourselves without any restrictions.

Maybe everything we feel is here to guide us? To make us get really powerful within our own life? To take all the positive and negative parts of who we are and accept them as they are and not label them as good or bad? The possibilities would be endless.

What if acceptance is the ultimate expression of love?


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