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The Annoying Questions

Are you living your authentic life? Are you following your path?

To many of us, these questions can be triggering and with good reason. How do we know what's our path? What if an authentic life means leaving behind what I've built? What if it's not that easy?

Let's shift the way we view defining ourselves and our path.

What if we can focus on what's important to us and what lights us up from the inside? What if our path is meant to be walked every single day so you just cannot define it. You need to stay fluid with the changes and be present so you know which way to turn.

I shared a part of this story the other day in a Soul & Steady class.

Ever since I was a child, I wanted to play the guitar. For my 8th or 9th birthday, I got my very own acoustic guitar. I remember going to lessons around the block from my home in Astoria, Queens. I remember bringing this guitar with me to college and picking it up here and there. As much as I yearned to play, something didn't click. I now understand what it was.

I was afraid. Afraid that I wouldn't be good enough so instead of playing for my own heart, I stopped myself. I put it away even though I loved music and deeply wanted to connect with this instrument. I would watch other people play and feel that I wasn't part of that community or club. I told myself that I didn't fit in.

I was fearful of sounding terrible and I believe that the fear wasn't because other people would judge me, the fear was me judging me. My 5 year old niece made me realize this. She's an artist and she spends so much time painting, drawing, crafting, being at her table and letting her imagination flow. She enjoys her time with her art and when she's done, she loves to ask "What do you think about it?". She's not afraid to show me what's she's created. She's happy, proud and excited.

Sometimes we hold ourselves back and maybe the questions about authenticity and following our path is annoying because we know the answer. We might be ready to admit to ourselves that the reason we don't play the guitar is because we afraid of not being good enough.

Playing the guitar is definitely in my path. I am proud to say that I have over 5 hours of songs under my belt and I can rock and roll with my idols. Tom Petty, The Rolling Stones, Creedance Clearwater Revival, Eagles and even one song from Led Zeppelin. Jimmy Page is a beast!

I share this story with you because somewhere deep inside, I knew that I was meant to play the guitar. I just had to get out of my ego and my own way so I could APPRECIATE the art instead of trying to be the best. I don't have to quit my career and play in a band. I just need to follow my path and be authentic. Do the things that light me up and make me feel good inside.

Remember that life is here to experience. If you have a yearning, a drive, a deep rooted want, listen to it. Ask yourself, how can I do more of what makes me happy? How can I get out of my own way so I can live my beautiful, authentic life.

Photo by Chris Hardy on Unsplash


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