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Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself

Today marks the new moon in Capricorn. A cardinal earth sign that holds lots of foundation and grounding. It’s the beginning of a new year and we can use this energy to reflect on what we want to see more of in our life moving forward.

I’ve been thinking about the energy I’m hoping to grow. Not necessarily a sankalpa, goal or manifestation. More of when I wake up in the morning, what tune do I want to sing? What chord do I want to play? What’s the rhythm in my steps?

I’m looking at my habits and asking myself if there are changes that have to be made. It’s constant! Over and over again, reintroduce yourself. What worked for you last year might not this year. What you’ve been ignoring might come back to test you.

Use the power of acceptance and honesty with yourself.

Do your best not to look outside of yourself. The answers are within. I trust this because all my studies, lessons, philosophies point to connecting with the heart, soul and the divine. That we are here with a unique gift to share with the world. So do your best to look within and not outside at what everyone else is doing.

If you are brave, which I know you are, be honest with where you fall short. How do you let yourself down? Where do you choose others before yourself? Accept where you fail so you can get better and heal.

How do you want to feel this year? What vibe do you want carry?

I want to find and commit to what is worth my energy. I know the more I focus on the magic and gratitude in my life, the happier I am. The more joy I witness and the less doubt I feed.

This new moon also has Uranus energy which is a planet associated with change. Changes and challenges aren’t bad unless we perceive them that way. I appreciate the constant cycles of change that nature brings because it’s a reminder that change is natural and can’t be avoided.

We all know change isn’t easy. Sometimes we feel like we are breaking and wonder how are we going to be put back together.

There is a beautiful custom in Japan where if something breaks, instead of throwing it out, it’s put back together with gold. That way, you can see the crack but it’s shiny and beautiful.

Work towards something inch by inch. Step by step. Know that change especially in your life is uncomfortable. Take small steps but stay committed. Stay focused.

Find your soul’s map and follow your journey. Use other’s as a muse but do your best not to follow them. That’s where we can get lost in the shuffle. We compare ourselves and wonder why our path looks different.

Because we are all different and yet the same. We are all searching for meaning, purpose, understanding of this crazy life. Our heart aches for those who are suffering even if we don’t know them. We are human. Stay connected to your path. Stay connected to the divine and allow yourself to shine.


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