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Awaken To Your Soul

Your life is a blessing. You have a very short amount of time on this earth to explore who you are and truly connect to your amazing light.

The question is are we aware of our light or do we hide away from our light? Do we connect and trust our soul’s energy or do we numb the energy down? Do we believe in ourself or do we doubt our gifts?

Let’s acknowledge that life isn’t easy. We are all walking through this world with lots of baggage - physically, emotionally, energetically, spiritually and definitely mentally. We have to remember that the peripheral stuff in our life is on the outside, not on the inside. All of the drama, issues, people, jobs, government, situations are on the outside. Those outside energies change all the time. They’ll constantly change because that’s life. But that stuff, how much do we allow it to hold us in place? Am I good enough? Am I smart enough? Am I skinny enough? Does he love me? Does she love me? Am I going to be ok?

What if we can awaken to our soul’s energy instead of the stuff that follows us around?

Energy can be felt by others and more importantly, energy is what feeds our body and mind. In yoga, the second layer of who we are is our energetic layer. The first is our body and the third is our mind. It’s interesting to me that energy comes right between the body and mind. Your energy will affect you in so many ways. What are you feeding yourself? Love, compassion, gratitude? Anxiety, jealously, fear? Why do we allow ourselves to carry around energy that is just dragging us down anyway?

My yoga practice reminds me that regardless of the energy on the outside, I am responsible for the energy on the inside. Actually, that’s why I love yoga so much. It’s the only place that I can continuously lay out my stuff and slowly watch it move further and further away from my center.

We should ask ourselves if we really want to awaken. It’s not about keeping the stuff quiet, it’s about releasing the stuff that no longer serves us. What if we can really connect to our unique self and be proud and happy of who we are? What if we choose the path of happiness instead of following the insecurities and doubts? What if we choose love over fear?

Awaken to who you are. Be proud to be you. My soul is a unique flame but it’s not any better than yours. Shine your unique light. What if your purpose on this planet is to share your uniqueness and shine your light so others can feel and trust their light?

What if we are here to help guide others home to their own soul?


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