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A community is a group of people coming together to share a common connection. I believe that the yoga community is so powerful because we understand that there is more to life that what we see, hear and feel. For us yogis, we understand that we are spiritual beings living in a materialistic world and we are all connected. We dive deeper and we work on ourselves so that we can share good energy into the world and be of service where we can help.

You are a part of the Soul & Steady community. Whether you take classes online, attended a teacher training or just read the blog posts on the website, you are part of this community. As a community, we are here to uplift one another. I'm grateful for you. Your communication with me brings a lot of joy into my life. Your words and encouragement remind me that I’m on my path and to keep going, keep sharing, inch by inch.

All the notes you write in the class booking forms, I read and I smile.

All the emails you send me, my heart grows bigger.

All the encouragement and love that you show me, I want to give back to you x infinity.

I want everyone in Soul & Steady to see one another. Not just our faces but our energy and dreams. I want us to peel back some layers and show others what makes us feel like us. I want to grow our Soul & Steady community from the inside out.

A few weeks ago, I took a 2 week training called Giving Gold. The course was built on how to give a meaningful talk and share a story with others that leaves people feeling inspired. The start of the class, we all had to share one quote that meant something to us. My quote was from Joan Jett.

“Fight for your dream. Don’t let others dictate what your life is going to be”

Out of all the quotes that I keep close to my heart, I choose this one. The teacher didn’t connect with the word fight but I did. I don’t see all fights as negative. Sometimes we have to put in extra energy to get what we NEED in life. The fight is waking up early and sitting in meditation. The fight is following a dream but knowing it will be hard. The fight is believing and trusting that everything will be okay even when it feels like all odds are against you. I believe that life isn’t always easy and challenges will come up but what we do next is what matters.

Do we allow the push back, the negativity to take over? Or do we stand up and keep moving, keep going? Do we indulge and lose our control? Or do we use our will power to find a balance in what we consume? Do we put in the work to live a life that feels real to us? Or do we allow others expectations and society to tell us how we should spend this one precious life? Do we allow our insecurities and fears to hold us down? Or do we jump back up and look fear right in the eyes?

I had a great experience in this course and I got to know total strangers on a personal level all around the conversation of a quote. I am inspired by this and thankful for Heather Lilleston for putting the course together.

I want to keep it going in our community so I am starting a new series on Soul & Steady’s social pages called MEMBERS AREA so we can all get to know one another a little bit more. I am thankful that I get to connect with you, now I want others to feel you too.

If you want to participate, please send me a quote that means something to you. Include the author. It can be long. It can be short. Feel free to add your comments! Why you picked that quote. What it means to you. Or just send the quote. Please send me a photo that I can post on social media and I will start to build our MEMBERS AREA.

Community is key. It’s what connects us to the world. Community is what inspires us and keeps us going. Let’s share our voices and souls with one another. Let's build good energy in Soul & Steady and show one another our hearts.


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