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Updated: Mar 6, 2023

We’ve all had those days when everything moves in a direction that makes us feel the magic that is available. The days when all the street lights turn green. When you step outside your house and there is the delivery guy with your long awaited special package. When you feel like life is flowing with you, not against you.

Magic. Do you believe there is magic in this world? What do you call it when everything feels euphoric and light? When the sun is hitting the ocean and the glare makes you see twinkling stars. When the moon is shining bright on your walk home with a loved one. When your confidence is steady and you feel accomplished and proud of yourself.

That energy is all around and it comes and goes. I appreciate when I can flow in this rhythm and I am finding the more I stay connected to myself, my emotions, my output in energy, the more I can find the magic that’s all around me.

What if the present moment is the magic moment? Looking over and seeing Jagger laying on the couch feels like a dream. I wished for this dog for so long and having him in my life feels magical. He makes me very happy.

I know it’s hard to see the magic when you feel a struggle. Life is full of struggles and energies that you cannot control. The more we focus on the struggle, the more we lose sight of the magic. The struggle wants our attention and eats away at our energy. It’s the drama that fuels those phone calls to friends and creates a filter over everything we see.

From one moment to the next, our filters change and what we see, hear, taste, smell and touch feel different. The senses are alive and we don’t have much control of the outside so the way we respond on the inside is key to finding magic.

What is magic? A spell? No. A unicorn? No.

Magic is when we look at the world with wonder, awe, excitement, love and appreciation for the present moment. It’s when we notice the filter that we are using to view the world. Magic is when we find our synchronicity with our path. Magic is when the realness of life and the realness of our dreams come together.

I thought of the Disney movies that I watched as the oldest kid of four. When I was 10, my youngest brother was just born. Lots of Disney movies played in my house. They were never about complete harmony or ease. Instead, I remember watching dreams, focus, awareness and passion. When the characters make it through the gate just in time or the birds sign with the princess, there is something about the present moment bringing MAGIC into the scene.

Play with your magic. Open your heart and watch your mind. Walk your path and be present. Listen to the birds, the sirens, the laughter, conversations of strangers. Listen not only with your ears but also with your soul.

We don’t have to be Disney characters to find true love, happiness or magic. We just need to be present and ready to battle anything that tries to pull us off our path. Explore your magic. Believe in goodness especially when everything feels negative. Believe in LOVE and the power of your present moment.

Believe that you are magic.


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