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Do You Hold Yourself Back?

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Do you ever not ask a question because you are afraid of being judged?

Do you ever not ask a question because you think you should know the answer?

Do you ever not feel good enough?

Of course you do because we all go through this. Even the most amazing, driven, smart and successful people have doubts on their abilities. The reasons why are plenty and personal.

We judge and compare ourselves to others. We go through a lot, as individuals and a society. We are human. We forget that we aren't here to be perfect.

When we hold ourselves back because we are afraid of not knowing the answer or how to do something, it can feel exhausting and draining. It can feel like we don't belong. When we are on alert to protect what we know, what we do, who we are, we aren't really present or honest. We are trying to hold on and yet, what if we loosened the grip?

What if we are treating ourselves like we should have it all together so we are missing out on exploring different ideas and possibilities? What if we weren't afraid to ask the questions, especially to ourselves? Questions such as:

What's holding me back?

Why do I doubt myself?

Am I afraid of my potential or am I afraid to fail? Why?

In a spiritual journey, we are asked to have faith, trust and to believe. Faith that we'll be alright. Trust that we'll be alright. Believe that we'll be alright. We are here to live and expand, explore, shift and grow. We are here to look back on yesterday and make the appropriate changes today. We make mistakes. There is no way we could know everything. There is no way we have the right reactions all the time. But isn't that living? Shouldn't making mistakes and learning from them be a positive joy about life? Think about the hours you've put in to your job, hobby, raising your kids, family, friends? Think of all the time that you've dedicated to creating the life that you have. You've learned along the way and it wasn't perfect.

That's why I love the spiritual path. It asks us to go easy. To enjoy the journey and trust the process. So the next time you don't want to ask the question, ask yourself WHY.

What are we so afraid of if we know that we're going to be alright?


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