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Do You Want to Grow?

Full moons show us what is normally hidden. They shine light onto the shadows internally and externally. Who doesn’t need a little light on their path?

I follow the cycles of the moon because ever since I started this practice, it aligns me with the natural cycle of life. There is a pattern to life. Since the moon and sun signs are like two sides to the same coin, we use the characteristics of the zodiac constellations to help guide the conversation within. We experience that the energy we are feeling is being felt universally. We aren’t alone even when it comes to personal growth.

Tomorrow’s full moon falls on Halloween and in the sign of Taurus. Taurus is an earth sign that is ruled by the planet Venus. I’m feeling this full moon because not only is it asking us to find our stillness in the middle of the chaos that we are all experiencing but it’s also asking us to connect to the Earth, plug our energy back to the core and release what we no longer need. This full moon is asking us to examine our comfort zones.

What is a comfort zone? I’ve been hearing lately to “Let it go” and while I say it all the time in class, I’ve also been asking HOW. How do we let it go? And what do we let go? I think it’s easier said than done. What if we don’t know what is holding us back? What if we aren't sure of our comfort zones?

I like being comfortable but I’m asking myself if being comfortable is worth it in the long run. Sometimes I wonder if I am protecting my comfort versus putting energy into my growth. At times, comfort is a familiar place. It's what we know. But if we don't pay attention, that familiar place could actually be a distraction. We could be putting way too much energy in maintaining a path that is no longer meant for us to travel.

Think of a comfort zone that you tend to stay in. Why should we move outside of the comfort zone? What are we afraid of parting with? Where do we keep ourself within the lines? What are we holding onto so hard? Is it a job, relationship, friendship, belief, a physical home? Perhaps it's certain emotions such as fear or anxiety? Even emotions can be comfort zones.

Whatever comfort zone you are in, imagine what it would be like to break free. Can you breathe a little easier? Brighter? Do you feel excited about what's to come? Don’t be afraid of your emotions and don’t allow your fear to limit your potential.

If you find yourself needing to speak your mind, heart and ego needs, you aren’t alone. Let’s use this energy in Taurus and ground down. Let’s plug back into the energy of the earth and find stillness in our physical, energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual layers.

What can you do this weekend to feel grounded and still? Feel yourself in your power and expect great energy to come into your life. What can you do to strengthen your heart so you can imagine taking that first step outside of the comfort zone?


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