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Dream Big

Is there a particular story that you keep playing over and over again? Both in your head and heart? Is this story attached to a judgement? Are you judging yourself or a situation? Are you holding on to the story without even realizing it?

Judgements are stories we tell ourselves and they can start from childhood. “I am not smart enough, I am not an artist, I am not good enough.” We create stories and at some point, since we keep repeating it over and over again, these stories feel so real and true.

Recognizing the judgements that we keep is an exercise in itself. For many of us, our minds just override our time and we don’t really listen to every story that we recite. But we all know, whatever we feed will get stronger. What we starve, will get weaker. If we continue to feed our judgements, they will become our reality.

Today is a great day to release what we no longer need. Not only is it a full moon in Gemini but it’s also a lunar eclipse. A lunar eclipse is a time to appreciate each step of our process while dreaming about the bigger picture. We don’t need those stale stories anymore. The sun is in Sagittarius and the energies around us over the next few days is all about releasing, growing and TRUSTING the bigger picture.

What stories are you holding onto that no longer support your good fortune, growth or overall happiness? You are not alone, we all do this. Maybe it’s not a story about us, maybe it’s about someone in our life, family, friends, job?

But when we keep the same story in our minds, let’s ask ourself, how does this help me grow? Why do I keep myself down?

We can rewrite those negative stories. We can dream really big. No one can stop us from dreaming. No one can stop us from using our imaginations and hearts. In our yoga and meditation practice, we show up and we are asked to look behind the curtain and to be honest with ourselves. We are asked to show up as we are. We hear, feel, and FIND the narrative that we play in our minds. And when we become aware of those stories, we have a CHOICE.

We can stop. We can smile. We don’t have to be hard on ourselves for the judgements, no. Instead, we approach the judgements with lots of compassion and acceptance. We understand that we’ve been holding on to these stories for so long that it might be hard to release them. By using our hearts, lots of love, acceptance and just deep appreciation, we can trust that we don’t need to hold on anymore.

Everyone evolves and changes. Some of us fight the change. Some of us don’t want to see it. But it’s happening. Just as nature changes, so do we.

Releasing the judgement is an important step on the road to growth. We don’t have to live the same, outdated story. It’s okay to make mistakes. It’s okay to not know what to do. It’s okay to ask for help. It’s okay to walk away.

The energy of Gemini is communication. The energy of Sagittarius is creating a bigger vision. Let’s forget about time and instead dream big. Colorful, vibrant dreams of what we want to create in our beautiful, precious life. Let’s release the need to figure it all out, getting all the answers and instead, trust that movement, change, evolution is constant. Every single step we take is part of our path.

Allow the energy of this full moon to help you release the old stories and let’s take a step towards trusting that all the pieces will align. Use the energy of this last lunar eclipse in 2020 to release energies that have accumulated over the past year in our energetic field. Then be open to entirely NEW perspectives forming over the next month as we enter 2021.

Dream big, dream with your heart and soul.


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