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Finding our Intuition

My forever question is how do we find our intuition? Even as I type the question, my intuition speaks up. It answers! The reason it’s my forever question is because I can’t always hear it. I have heard from my yoga teachers that we are our own best teachers. We just have to listen and be patient to hear our personal truth. Or as my best yogi friend says, "Sit in the fire my friend and wait for the blessings."

In order to listen to our intuition, we have to quiet the thinking mind. In the yoga culture, we understand that our mind and our emotional intelligence are two different layers or sheaths. My mind is ruled by the senses - what it sees, hears, feels, smells. My mind can create rivers of stories that run for miles.Whether or not the story my mind is creating is true or false, I become preoccupied. When I’m dwelling in my thinking mind, it’s me, myself and I. My mind wants to protect “me”.

Our emotional intelligence is a different place. It has a beautiful way of trusting in our path. It is ruled and fueled by the heart. Our gut is linked to the collective “we”. I like to think of my gut as a network of untapped information that is just waiting for me to listen to. Our gut isn’t preoccupied with anxiety, fear, jealously or doubt. It trusts and believes that we are not alone in this journey.

In life, we might not get a clear answer on what’s right or wrong. Some of my deepest changes in life happened because I had to sit in the unknown and figure out for myself what I should do without labeling it as right or wrong. When there is a firm reaction to my question, I follow my gut.

During times of unease and discomfort, sit comfortably in the distress and ask lots of questions. If you can, go out in nature. Breathe in the fresh air, walk in grass, listen to the waves. Unplug from the distractions and you might just hear the answer.


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