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How Can My Unique Vibration Help The World?

In our book club, we are reading Letting Go by David Hawkins. He covers the different emotions and feelings that exist in the universe. There are feelings that have high vibrations and there are feelings that emit low vibrations.

High vibrational energies give us light, creativity, passion and the energy to keep going.

Low vibrational energies tend to make us feel small, lots of pain and overall hurt.

Energy is important. It’s in everything and everyone. Your thoughts, feelings, dreams, words, movements are energy. The way you live your life contributes to your energy levels from the people you spend time with, shows you watch on TV, music you listen to and conversations you have.

We have to remember that our energy is shared with the collective energy. Even if we feel or think that we are in this alone, actually, what we do and share is felt by our family, friends, co-workers and honestly all the people you come in contact with. Even a simple email exchange with a stranger is a transfer of energy.

This new moon in Aquarius is asking us to look at our vibrations and energy that we create and share with the world. Like two sides of a coin, when we are around good energy, it’s fantastic. We feel alive. Brave. Courageous. Excited and motivated. When we are around low energy, it’s paralyzing. We feel alone. Scared. Fearful. Lethargic and sad.

But there are actually 3 sides of a coin. When we place the coin on it’s side and see the small sliver of metal, let’s remind ourselves that life isn’t this or that. We can shift our perspective, we can change our energy… if we are aware of it. I got this beautiful advice from my performance coach Sascha Bauer in Vienna, Austria.

In Letting Go, David Hawkins says to QUESTION EVERYTHING. So much of our life is based on what we’ve done in our past, what society and our family expects from us. This is a great time to challenge the rules that you’ve been following. Are you living a life that resonates with your soul? Are you living your life or being polite so you don’t create a ripple in the water? Are there commitments that you’ve made to yourself that NO LONGER apply to the person who you are right now?

If we keep restricting ourselves from OURSELVES then what will we be left with?

Big questions to ask yourself are Who am I? Who am I right now? Who do I want to become? Am I holding myself back? Am I really living a life that I’m proud of? Is the energy that I share the energy I want to receive?

A major lesson from this new moon is to stop holding yourself back. Stop. You can’t bury yourself in distractions forever. You can’t pretend that you don’t feel what you feel. It is time to use your unique voice, talent and energy and go with it. Let the energy you give to the world BE YOURS. Let the energy that you give to the world be the energy you wish to receive.

The energies coming in from others that you have NO control over are strong but your will for YOUR life should be stronger. It’s not going to be easy and it’s not going to be fun. Energies can be controlling. Whether it’s with addictions, work, relationships and self abuse, start to look at what is controlling you.

And then, once you see the truth, stop holding yourself back from being the person that you are meant to be. The new moon is a potent time to harness what you want to create in your life. Freedom exists outside of other people’s opinions and expectations. Freedom exists when we are no longer controlled like puppets on a string. When we create more positive energy for ourselves by breaking away from the negative, we are actually helping others along the way. People will feel your energy. You don’t have to say anything. They will feel it.

So what are you going to do? Are you going to share energy that will help the world or are you going to swallow energy that keeps you low? How can YOU use your unique energetic vibration to teach and change the world?

The choice is actually yours.


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