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How Yoga Helps Us Love

The heart center is a powerful place to connect with. When we follow our own heart, our path, our voice, our life feels familiar and exciting. The heart has been described as a filter for all the emotions that we go through. Emotions are temporary and they all pass through the heart. When your heart aches, it hurts. When your heart is tired, you can feel the heaviness. When your heart is excited, life is beautiful.

Yoga is a journey to the heart. It's a way of communicating with this special energetic center. Your heart loves you and wants to love others. The more we can access our heart energy, the deeper we communicate with ourselves and others.

I've found in my years of yoga practice and teaching that the more I open and connect with my heart, the more I learn, grow and accept. Love is a universal language and it doesn't cost a thing. My practice of self reflection seems to lead me back to my heart. It's when I connect with my heart that I feel grounded, secure, confident and stable.

I'm steady.

My heart gives me so much and yet it keeps getting bigger. The more I practice the qualities and energies of compassion, patience, acceptance the more my heart grows. The more challenges that I go through, the bigger my heart gets. The deeper I travel within myself, it's as if my heart is proud of me and shines bright so I don't have to be afraid of the dark.

Yoga isn't just about movements but when we do step on that mat and move our bodies, we practice self love. We move, stretch, strengthen, focus and breathe. We speak to ourselves, to our body from our heart. We listen to our heart and soul. We respect the wise wisdom that comes from self love.

We make choices that honor our heart. We leave what doesn't. We are brave, honest, daring and maybe a little rebellious. You have to be strong to follow your heart because the noise, opinions, ideas, expectations, habits from others are loud.

But the beating of your heart is the music you play and dance to.

Yoga teaches us to open our heart even if we are scared. Yoga shows us how to use our heart energy so we can show others how to do the same. Yoga is a practice of self love.

We must love ourselves. You and I have a purpose in this life. Without the love, the doubts are loud. Listen to your heart and turn up the love that is within.


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