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I Accept Myself

The challenge in life is that it’s always changing. The beauty in life is that it’s always changing!

As we grow older, we shift out of our younger ideals and needs. The people and places we used to love, we might not anymore. What made us happy might be making us sick. What we thought was cool could now be useless. We might have gotten our hearts shattered, foundations cracked and dreams crushed. As we grow into our heart and soul, as we spend more time on this planet living and experiencing, we change.

The only thing constant in life is change and yet so many of us are afraid of change. We are afraid to let go. But if we don't let go, how can continue on our journey? In our life? On our path? If we don't let go, what are sharing with the world?

We are all contributing our energy to the world. From our work, words, art, music, actions, dreams, ideas, voice and more. We are adding to the collective energy. As we change, we might feel vulnerable and unsure of our power.

Transitions are always tough. Breaking old habits, leaving partners, jobs, changing friends, moving to new places feel intense. But remember, we are living the life we choose to stay in.

Imagine saying “I accept myself” and truly believing in it. Feeling it in your heart and knowing that you accept the past, present, future versions of you. The transitions, break ups, tears, growth, shifts. All of it. We accept. No hiding yourself from yourself.

Every single person on this planet has something to give to the world and why shouldn’t we be giving back? We receive so much from life such as love, food, shelter, oxygen, nature, family, pets, plants, knowledge and experiences.

If you are unsure of yourself, no worries. Be kind during this process of getting to know yourself. It is a vulnerable practice because you have to listen and dive deeper into your thoughts and mind. This isn’t about being right or making your point. It’s about being honest with yourself on what you need and how you want to contribute to this world. Be that person who is an expert in propagating plants, crushing ice in the middle of the ocean, building homes and neighborhoods, creating the coolest commercial, raising the best children.

We might be uncomfortable. We aren’t sure if what we are giving is enough. If others will receive and accept our gift.

Instead of feeding the energy of "is it enough?", be the person that YOU look up to. Stand proud in what your heart is telling you. Stop fitting into someone else’s image of who you are and be proud of the person that your soul is begging for you to accept. WE ARE ENOUGH.

Spend time with yourself and listen. What makes you feel good? What lifts your energy? What makes you feel better about yourself and the world?

Share that. We are ready for you.


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