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Leave Room for Magic

Do you try to figure it all out and have things in order? Do you tend to control your day and the way you spend your time? It's an easy habit to fall into especially for focused, driven and the dedicated. We create habits and we follow our rituals because they make us feel good, healthy, alive and accomplished.

I need my tools to help me in this life, especially during the challenging times when everything is out of our control and yet we are consumed by it such as world events, sickness, drama and fear. I need structure in my life or else I get too overwhelmed. I also need freedom or else I get resentful so it's a balance that I need to figure out.

If we have our habits and rituals in place, do we know how to create space for the unknown? Do we practice doing nothing? Is going with the flow one of our tools?

I've worked with a very talented healer from Austria. His name is Sascha Bauer. One day, we'll do a workshop together and he'll come to NYC to share his knowledge. He gave me a homework assignment that I haven't done yet. I believe I'm ready for it though. He told me to sit in silence and stare at the ceiling. Don't fall asleep, no meditation techniques to keep me focused, just silence and awareness. When he gave me this assignment, I thought it would be pretty easy but I've been fighting it. For the first time, I feel ready.

We are always thinking, planning, doing which is great because we create the life that we live. If we aren't aware of our mind, thoughts, feelings, emotions, dreams, desires then we might fall into the energies around us and follow someone else's path. I will forever plant my seeds but I need to leave some space for expanding in ways that I can't even imagine.

What if it's in the silence that we learn how to let go? What if the silence is the tool to connect with the energies of the universe?

Our habits and rituals are important. They keep us grounded but can we also leave room for the unexpected? Can we embrace silence and use it as a tool of surrendering? When we surrender, we let go of the control. We let go of forcing, of trying to figure it all out. When we surrender, we breathe into our rhythm. We go with our flow.

Let's leave room for magic.

I'll keep you posted on how well I do with sitting in silence for an hour. I'm actually excited to try this during this energy of Pisces' new moon. I'm open to softening into the hard edges and surrendering. Wish me luck.


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