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Love is the Answer

Our hearts are like valves. They open and close all the time. When we experience connection, our hearts open. When we experience pain, our hearts close.

It takes work to keep the heart open especially in times of unrest and uncertainty. If we can understand that emotions are energy and energy is constantly moving, changing and shifting then the way we feel inside, good or bad, will change too.

Love is a powerful force that brings growth and evolution. Pain is just as strong that brings self doubt and stress. If we can remember that emotions are shifting all the time and that the pain will only last a while, it might give us a little more strength to keep fighting for our hearts to stay open.

Friends, it's not easy and I'm a trained yoga professional. My heart is challenged but I know deep in my soul that love allows us to blossom. Love holds us so close like the best hug in the world and love makes life worth it.Â

Love is the answer.

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