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#1 Partner

This full moon in Aries brings us passion, courage and motivation. Aries is home to the first house of self. This is a prime time to recognize that the most powerful relationship we will have on this planet is with ourself. The more we can give our energy to what really makes us happy, the more connected we will be to our heart's purpose.

Do you believe that the most important relationship you will ever have is actually with yourself?

No relationship we will have with another person will be as satisfying and intimate as the relationship we create with our own souls. When I take care of myself and honor my body, mind and energy, I am telling myself that I’m important and I deserve to feel good. I’m excited when I’m consciously aware of my actions and their effects in my life because it means I am listening and being real with my needs and wants.

Relationships take time to develop. They also change.

I won’t always be kind to myself. There will be times when I won't trust and I will feed the fear. I will feel like giving up. I remind myself that I won’t always make good decisions and I will feel frustrated and indecisive on what to do with my precious life.

So, I make a vow. I tell myself that nothing is perfect and to stay connected. I will use the stressful moments to be a step towards growth. I tell myself that when I don’t give up, when I catch that negative dialogue, when I disarm the fear, I am giving myself a big hug. I want to love myself fully, unconditionally and respectfully. I want to say I do.

Take time today on this full moon to reflect on how you treat yourself. Look at your thoughts and sit with your fears. Notice where your internal struggles come from and try to use the information to take one step forward to creating the relationship that you've always dreamed of.


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