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Reminder to Live

We all have our to do lists, post-its on the wall, monthly bills that come in that remind us what we need to do. We have our work, our family, responsibilities, dreams and obligations. We have our lessons, failures and wins that keep us moving. Life will remind us to keep going. Your alarm will go off and remind you of your next meeting.

Life can be a bit much. We go through rough patches, changes that rock our world, dreams that feel that they'll never come true. While life doesn't come with instructions, it can feel like it comes with expectations.

Be smart, pretty, hot, handsome, gorgeous, caring, compassionate, passionate, creative. Be strong, resilient, driven. Be good, honest, generous, kind, giving. Be the best you can be. Life can feel pretty lonely when we don't meet up to the expectations that we hold onto. Life's do to lists, desires and goals can feel more like a weighted burden than a jump start of energy.

There are many reasons why I teach and love yoga and meditation. One is that it's a reminder to go inside and spend time with myself. The internal reflections are golden moments that take me from feeling overwhelmed and lost to feeling connected with my heart and soul.

My heart needs to be open but my life can cover my heart with it's heavy energy. When we move the body, there is a cracking feeling within. Something wants to loosen up, break apart, shine on.

My heart wants to shine because all the light that I have within, wants to be of use. It doesn't want to be hidden, locked away or ignored. What I've learned through my years of practice is that we all are light and sometimes, we lock it away and forget that it's here for us to share. We forget that we too are awesome, powerful and human. We forget to use our hearts and listen too much to our minds. We put too much energy in getting, rather than giving.

If we want to change the energy we are in, we have to make the changes. If we want to shift from the dark to the light, we have to open our hearts. Ask yourself, do you want to crack open? Do you want to loosen up and let your light shine? Do you want to move past the dark and fear and walk in love and light?

Notice what you are holding onto. All that energy that you've been carrying around can be released. You won't forget but at least you won't feel drained. Life wants you to feel supported, just like you want to support the people you love. Life doesn't want us to feel like failures because we aren't living up to "someone's" expectation.

Here's OUR reminder to live. Live in the present, live in the moment. Trust that life is supporting you and reminding you to let go of the energy that you don't need. Loosen the attachements and give yourself the gift from your heart to shine on.


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