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Shed Your Fears

Full moons bring the energy of release which can feel uncomfortable. My mind doesn’t like to feel out of place so it will say, “What if I need to hold onto the pain? What if the pain is what helps me grow? What if those fears I’ve been holding onto actually help me on my path?"

Not so fast mind. Nature is here to help with the process. Not only do we have a full moon but we also have a lunar eclipse. Eclipses give us the chance to cut energetic chords to the past. What normally would take months, right now things can shift in a blink of an eye. With anything that moves fast, be prepared for intense emotions but keep in mind that this time can help us heal. We are actually pretty lucky even if it feels terrible at the moment. We’ve been through a lot this past year. Perhaps this could be a jumpstart to a new perspective in our life.

We are being asked to let go of what we think is going to happen. It’s hard to let go but just as the snake sheds its skin to make room for a better version of itself, we have to let go of who we were to become who we want to be.

Let’s ask ourselves the questions. Let’s go deeper than the emotions and feelings. What are we holding onto that we “should” release? What can we shed? What fears are we feeding? The mind likes to create things. We create stories, we analyze, we feel the need to fix ourselves and fix our situation right now. But why are you feeling that way? Is it the situation or what it represents?

We have the chance to recognize if what’s holding us back is rooted in fear. Here comes the uncomfortable part. Keep going deeper and when you start to feel the fear, don’t stop and keep going. The past already happened and you can release the pain associated with that fear if you let it. You might have to try again and again but keep trying. Your internal peace is worth all the effort.

Challenge yourself to stay in the state of mind that the BEST will happen. Address negative emotions and fears. Take what you are afraid of and take a step forward. This eclipse is a chance to change your perspective of your fears and not allow them control you. When we dive deeper, if we are lucky, we have the chance to heal by releasing the energy that we no longer need.

This time is to let go. The energy of Sagittarius is reminding us that the best will happen but if we continuously hold on to the negative energy then we need to pause. We need to take a breath. We need to sit down with our fears.

Remember, you are swimming to new perspectives. You are diving deep because you are breaking out of your routine. Believe the BEST can happen and let go. I’m telling myself right now to not be afraid. When we release what we no longer need, we meet a stronger version of ourselves.

Inch by inch.


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