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I trust that my heart will guide me. I want to trust that everything will work out. I trust that I’m a lot stronger than I understand. I want to trust that no matter what happens I will be okay. We either believe or we don’t. We can put our energy into trusting or we actually put energy into dismantling what we are asked to trust. How can you trust your path? How can you trust the process?

When we come to the phase of the moon where it wanes and it’s invisible in our sky, we can use this time to set intentions on what we want to experience more of in our life. This new moon in Pisces is a special one. Pisces is the last stop on our zodiac constellation and Pisces is here to show us how to flow in life. The key words are trust, surrender, flow and believe.

Not everything that we desire will blossom as you might have already experienced. Life is constantly changing and our path is also a winding road. We can be free on our path and allow life to turn and flow. Or we can control our path or at least try to control our life.

Do you like to surrender and go with the flow? I know I struggle with that. In class the past few days, I’ve been asking everyone to surrender the exhales. In book club, we are being asked to surrender the emotions of anger and desire. How do we surrender?

What if surrendering is we let go. We let go of the energy around the idea, emotion, desire. We become aware when we want to tighten the grip. We practice, over and over again, letting go.

And not because we don’t care! Not because we aren't putting fruitful energy towards our life and goals! We let go because we trust. We trust the process. We flow like the waves in the ocean. We become excited with the opportunity of growth. The mind won’t like the free falling surrendering so be prepared for the mind to harness you in.

But the mind forgot one really important factor. We are all spiritual beings living in a materialistic world so when we believe, when we have faith, when we learn how to surrender, we go with the flow. Just like birds that migrate. Just like animals that hibernate. Just like the clouds that pass by. We learn how to let go of the perceived control and surrender to life.

This is a great reminder of what Soul & Steady is all about. Life is challenging, beautiful, complicated, and simple. If we are here to find balance within ourselves, let’s open our awareness to the information and guidance that is all around us. Let’s listen to our intuition and trust in our heart! Let’s release the control and surrender as much as we can.

As deep as the ocean, there are no limits. Forget the life jacket. Dive deep and be amazed on what you'll experience along the way.


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