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Tuning Your Frequency

If you play an instrument then you know that you are constantly tuning it. A slight adjustment to the right will make a chord shine or it can throw the whole sound off. Our ears can pick up on the tiniest change and when it’s really out of tune, the sound isn’t pleasant.

I grew up listening to the radio. I remember waiting in my room for my favorite songs to play, ready to hit record so I can dance and sing along. I had to turn the dial on the radio to find the right place to hear the music clearly. Again, a little bit off and static comes through. Getting it just right made all the difference.

Our energy has a frequency. Phrases such as "Raise Your Vibration" "Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe" touch on this idea that each of us are living, breathing, moving energy. Sometimes you don't feel comfortable with your energy and other times you are so proud of your energy. You connect with people at one point in your life to learn years later that you don't have much in common anymore. We are energetic beings that are absorbing and releasing all the time.

When we practice reflecting internally to not only our body but our mind, emotions and soul, we get a chance to tune our energy. The art of going inward creates a conversation with our energy.

Tune in to your energy and decide if you need to make small shifts to help your frequency attract the life that you want to be in. Tune your energy so your actions speak in tune with your words.

Your energy is evolving just like everything around you. Take time to tune in. Listen to the music that you are sharing with the world. Be proud of yourself for doing this and remember, you aren't held to one energy. If you don't feel good right now, it can change. Tune your frequency and watch yourself shine.


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