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Would You Date Yourself?

In 2018, I was in Hawaii. My teacher, Yogi Charu, held a 300 hour advanced training in classical hatha yoga and meditation. It is because of Yogi Charu that I learned many tools that I use in my life and pass down in my classes. Yesterday was his birthday so thank you Yogi Charu for guiding many of us in this world.

One of the most powerful tools he taught me is to dream and manifest what my heart desires. That the more detailed we get, the closer we get to the truth. Sometimes we need to keep looking within to understand what we need.

It was during this training that I had an in-depth conversation with a fellow yogini about getting clear on what we want from a partner and relationship. I remember my “list” and it didn’t include height, age, status, looks… It included how I wanted to FEEL in the relationship. It included the energy that I hoped to create and grow together in the relationship. It included more information on what I wanted to feel like then what the person would bring to the table.

But before we can have a partner, we have to be a partner. Before we can take love, we have to give love. Before we can expect honesty, we have to give the truth. And before we can expect anything from someone else, we have to be willing to give it to ourselves.

Do you ever hope that another person can give you what you need?

I believe that the most important relationship you will ever have is with yourself. You can’t divorce yourself, even if at times we wish we could. At the end of the day, it’s you and you.

What if instead of dreaming up a perfect partner, we dream up a version of ourselves that makes us happy and joyful? What if we can shine some truth of what we desire and give it to ourselves?

I want to be happy and proud of myself and even though I LOVE people in my life, I know at night when I close my eyes, that it’s me and me. Not in a selfish way, in a real way. I know that I have the energy and power to change my internal story about myself and I can be who my heart and soul knows I am.

I love relationships with others but if I’m not connected to my own self, then will I rely on other’s energies to keep me going? Will I look to others for my own personal truth?

Life is constantly changing. You are changing. WE are changing. If you were going to marry yourself, would you? Can you make the commitment to your growth? Your success? Your expansion? Your change?

If you were to make the commitment to date yourself, would you take yourself out for a good time? Would you buy flowers? Make a healthy meal? Dress up? Speak kindly and loving? Would you listen intently?

I say YES. If you are up for it, let's dream up how WE can be the best partner to OURSELF. Then watch what you'll attract. If you are giving love to yourself, how could love not boomerang back?


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